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We all know that creating great video content for your business is super important. There are a LOT of tools out there that offer to help you do this!  From automated videos from blog posts, to videos that have a small template library with no flexibility I've seen it all. 

I've TRIED so many different video platforms!  They all have some limitation that keeps me from loving them.

What Keeps Me From LOVING a Video Platform?

  • Limited to their templates
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Lack of Available Content
  • Lack of Formats
  • Length Limitations

I could go on and on!  Think about it... if you're making videos and own a small business or a small agency sucking up $199 a month for a platform you don't love is a big ASK!  I include video creation as part of my service and do not bill my clients per video so having a large upfront fee is a no go for my agency. 

Lack of Content

Many platforms that charge a high upfront fee also offer very little in stock content to help you rapidly create and deploy videos.  If you want more content go to an even more expensive plan.  No thanks! 


In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing and social media formats, length requirements, etc are changing constantly.  You need a lot of flexibility to meet that aspect ratio or length requirement. 


I need well organized royalty free music that evokes the mood I'm trying to go for with the ad.  Too often I've had to go searching for music somewhere else to get the specific emotion across.  This is when I'm already paying $$$$ for your service.  What gives?


Video creation platforms range from FREE (with extreme limitations) to $499 a month (still with limitations).  They all seem to be going for the "they don't know there is anything else so we got them" model of SaaS marketing.  I can't. I just can't. 


After years of trying, dozens of trials, and dozens of subscriptions I finally found the one that does EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! 


This is a GREAT SaaS platform. 

I do most of my day to day work on a Chromebook.  I love SaaS programs as the heavy lifting is somewhere else. 

Most of my clients aren't willing to pay for a custom video. 

Invideo gives two awesome options: 

  • Storytelling
    • Create a Quick Video from a Blog Post in multiple formats really quickly!  
  • Video Creation
    • You get the option to make lots of different types of videos from Instagram Stories, to Video Ads.  
    • You can choose the appropriate format you need like 16:9, 1:1, etc. 
    • There is tons of stock video and image content 
    • You can put text where you want in lots of different styles and formats
    • You can add/remove scenes
    • You can set the scene length and that calculates the total video length
    • You can apply any music the way you want from a variety of different themes

So... yeah, invideo has QUICKLY grown my video marketing for my clients.  I'm making more videos, faster, and getting more clicks at a lower costs. 

Example Videos

All of these videos were made in less than 10 minutes!  

Get Your video marketing on

Check Out InVideo!

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Marshall is a 15 year veteran IT administrator who changed his life by leaving his corporate IT job, becoming a hair stylists and opening his own Salon and Yoga Studio. In the process Marshall lost 285 pounds and improved his lifestyle so he could pursue his dreams of helping people in any way possible. Marshall started working in the digital advertising space after realizing that many small businesses are underserved by the community. His passion is solving your problem in the best method possible.

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