Adwords and Bing PPC Advertising

We drive more traffic to your site by offering you Pay Per Click advertising that is targeted, managed, and drives sales.  Google and Bing PPC help customers find you and the solutions you offer.  Don't go it alone!  You'll waste tons of time and money!  We'll manage it for you!

Advanced and Automated EMAIL Marketing

Let's be honest, you're probably not good at email marketing.  It is a lot of work!  Our solutions provides the tightest integration into MindBody available today.  We can create automated Welcome Emails, Upsell Offers, and other email series that will increase results and drive sales.  We also provide you with content ideas and templates.  We make Email Marketing EASY! 

LOCAL by Zen Media Social

Our Newest Offering Allows you to make sure all your CITATIONS are accurate across dozens of directories.  Having accurate information across the Internet is a VITAL factor in your organic search listing ranking. We also give you the ability to monitor and respond to all your reviews, Facebook comments, and more!  Get MORE REVIEWS and capture feedback using an automated system.  Get Insights into how many people are searching for you on Google and Google Maps.  All in one place!  

Highly Targeted Advertising

Most companies that offer you Facebook, Adwords, Twitter advertising push a button based on your industry and let it run. We take the time to get to know your business, your customers and your market. We then create highly targeted sales funnels that minimize spend and maximize return.

Remarketing That Works

You have customers but are you re-engaging them on Facebook, Adwords, and more? We use your customer list to re-engage your customers to spend more for as little cost as possible.  Have you ever searched for something on Amazon and then seen an ad for it or a related product on another site?  Yeah... we do that. 

Google Analytics

We believe in driving business based on INTELLIGENCE and INSIGHTS!  We use Google Analytics to setup sales funnel tracking, give you insights into who is doing what on your website, measure success, and discover new opportunities.  If you are never looking at your Analytics you need to! You're missing so much insight into your audience and your customers.  Discover what is working and what isn't.   

Audience Creation

All customers don't spend their time in the same places!  Let us know where your customers are spending their time and we'll help you develop a strategy to reach them.  Facebook, Youtube, Google, Bing, Twitter, Stitcher, Pandora, Instagram.  We can handle it all and create highly targeted campaigns that drive results. 

Search Enginge Optimization

Your website is your front door.  You need a highly functional site that generates confidence, communicates and drives sales.  We work with you to increase your Google Ranking via targeted SEO methods.  Simple mistakes can have big costs.  We fix them! 

Landing Pages

If you are currently sending your leads to the front page of your website you are missing sales!  We create customized landing pages that speak to the customer's needs and offer the solution that they are looking for.  This drives more sales and generates more leads!

  • Social Media Strategy

Marshall and his team are experts in expanding your social media presence, creating a consistent brand message and managing your content and posting schedule.  We offer multiple levels of service from daily post management to training and strategy development.  We promise it is unlike anything you've ever been told or seen and it will give you results.  Engage us today and see the difference that a small business can make for a small business. 

  • Live Chat Agents

  • We offer a unique service for decision driven businesses.  We enable you to acquire customers the moment they land on your site via managed chat engagement with a live local agent.  If you need to engage your customers in real time and sell immediately you can't afford to choose any solution but our live chat local chat agent.

    • MindBody Consulting

    We have experience in MindBody in multiple verticals across multiple channels.  Marshall is a certified MindBody consultant, who was handpicked by the MindBody University team for his knowledge and expertise.  His extensive background in marketing, information technology and business development are the keys to your success regardless of your business type.