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Google’s Recent Rankings Update: What You Need to Know

Google recently updated their algorithm.  This is the computer code that helps rank websites, local businesses and just about everything else in the organic Google Search results and Google Maps listings.  A lot of changes happened and a lot of local businesses suddenly saw their rankings decline.  

This means fewer people see your business on Google Maps and the organic search results!  This has a direct effect on your bottom line! Organic traffic is the cheapest traffic and therefore we always want to strive to rank as high as possible. 

What changed?

The biggest change appears to be the user's proximity to the location of the business. The closer they are to your business the more likely you are to show up. Previously, you were more likely to show up based on a lot of different factors like the number of reviews and the amount of website traffic you got. Those signals appear to be down ranked and proximity has been upranked.  That means it plays a bigger role in the results.

What Can You Do?

Google makes  a LOT of changes to Google My Business on a regular basis. Google My Business is the system a business owner uses to manage their business, their location, their hours, services, and the area that they provide services too. 

Having a well managed Google My Business profile is extremely important to your local rankings.  This information needs to be complete, updated often, and effectively managed.  

The Problem: SMB Owners are BUSY

When I am working with small business owners I hold one simple truth at the forefront of my mind. They are BUSY.  They usually have hundreds of tasks they manage every month.  Each takes a slice of a limited amount of time. 

I often have small business owners tell me that they are going to do things that are very important to their success.  They are going to blog more. They are going to keep all their social media, directory listings, and their Google My Business profile updated and they are going to get it all done. 


They aren't.  They are deluding themselves.  They just don't have time. Do you really have time to write a 1800 word blog post? Do you have time to make Google My Business edits and post offers and news? Do you have time to edit and post pictures to Google My Business? Do you have time to respond to every single review? You don't! Stop fooling yourself. 

My Solution

We offer comprehensive directory and Google My Business management. We'll monitor your reviews. Update your data. Prevent changes to your hours, website, phone number, amenities, or services without your authorization.  We have specialized software and systems in place that help us know what needs to be done and get it done.  We offer this solution for a low fee and it takes one more thing off your plate. 

Part of the key to SMB success is being honest with yourself and realizing your limitations. 

Let's Talk Google My Business

Grab a 30 Minute Phone Call with Us to Talk About How We Can Help You Manage Your Google My Business Listing (and a bunch of other directories/listings as well) all in one simple platform!

Why we LOVE Squirrly SEO for WordPress

Ranking in SEO is Easier with this plugin! 

There are a lot of reasons I love Squirrly SEO.

Yoast has been the king of WordPress SEO plugins for years.  However, there is a new player in the market that makes Yoast look like weak sauce. 

Squirrly SEO is different.  You can do a lot more for a lot less money, all inside of WordPress. 

Features I Love

Rank Each Page for Multiple Keywords

Yoast wants hundreds of dollars for this feature.  Remember 3-4 keywords is best. 

Track All the Keywords Relevant to Your Business in One Place

yoga keyword research

Squirrly is 7 times faster than Yoast

Each plugin on your site increases load time.  Squirrly is designed for speed! 

Get Quality Backlinks for your Yoga Studio by Writing

Backlinks are super important for Local SEO.  This SEO strategy is very simple and anybody can do it.  To get your backlinks numbers up you can talk about what you already love: YOGA.

What is a high quality backlink?

A backlink from a popular website is always better.  What do I mean?

A backlink from your friend's small yoga studio is ok but a backlink from Yoga Journal is AWESOME.   Domain Authority is a ranking from 0-100 of how popular a website is.  The higher the Domain Authrity the better.  Getting a link from a high Domain Authority site to your site tells search engines that your site also has authority on the topic of yoga.  Get what I'm saying here?

So how do I get these backlinks?

You start writing!

Most yoga websites will gladly take content from you.  Your doing the job for them!

I've compiled a list of websites that you can submit too below.

Get Over Your Fear of Writing

You have time. You have knowledge.  Share it.  If you're concerned about editing my partner Marc-Cristobal Guilarte is available for editing.  He has a masters in English and is extremely authoritative when it comes to Yoga knowledge.

You will help your business tremendously by writing blog posts for other blogs and linking back to your own site.  Make sure they website is going to provide a backlink before you submit.  You'll need to provide a biography and headshot as well.

Contribute to your local media

Reach out to your local TV station, Mommy Bloggers, Newspapers, and local Magazines. They want content and the best content is FREE because you wrote it and it is helping them and you! Don't be afraid to ask.  What's the worst thing that could happen? They say no.  Move on. Fight another day.  

Yoga Backlink Suggestions