November 19

On Our Roadmap – Projects We are Working On

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We're always looking ahead at the future of marketing for our niches. The marketing landscape moves fast as technology improves and advances.  I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into what we're working to enhance the marketing for our clients.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots on Facebook Messenger are the next big thing.  We're working on it and learning as much as we can.  What are they?  Facebook has recently added all sorts of new Marketing Channels using Facebook Messenger.  You can now direct users to message your page.  But ... you're busy.  How many times has been days since you responded to a message?

Well that is wherethe bot comes in.  It will respond to questions, direct people to links like buying options and the schedule.  We currently have several bots in beta for salon and yoga.  Look for more information soon.  If you're interested in having a chat bot click our Chat at the bottom of the page and we'll be in touch.

Superior "Branded App" Technology at Lower Cost with More Features

We've all had our headaches with the MindBody branded app.  I know they are working on it. However, I want far more functionality and felxibility with an app.  I am actively developing my own App Platform that will have amazing features and limitless functionality.  If you can dream it  I can do it.  The Zen Media Social App Platform will have the following advanced features:

  • Integration into Google Analytics (versus Flurry analytics) 
  • Push Notifications (superior to the MindBody Branded App)
    • Multiple Types of Notificaitons
    • Inbox of all recent alerts
    • Integration with OneSignal
    • Automated Alerts for Social Notifications like New Facebook Events
  • Unlimited Design Potential
  • Featured Posts from Your Blog
  • Full Branded Web Integration (hopefully with contracts coming soon)
  • Video (yes... video in your app)
  • The ability to Market it via Facebook and Google default App install channels (a special way of promoting the installation of your app and getting new clients via approved methods)
  • Google Remarketing and Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Native Social Sharing to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram from inside the App

Digital signage

We're working on a digital signage solution for Studios, Salons, and Spas that will have some amazing features.  We're currently accepting demo sites so message us using our chat window on this page.

Features We're Planning:

  • Facebook Checkin Stream (encourage Checkins on Facebook, raising Awareness)
  • Social Media Stream
  • Upcoming Workshops Stream
  • Schedule Stream
  • Video and Photo Streams
  • Weather
  • Blog Posts
  • Much Much More

There is your sneak peak into what we're working on.  There are some even more exciting things I can't tell you about just yet... so keep reading.


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