Make Email Rules for Your Business in Gmail and G Suite

It is important to make rules in your Email system to make sure you aren’t losing business.

Make sure to add rules to your system so that form entries from your website, emails from your CRM, emails from your business systems, etc are not trapped in the spam folder.  Gmail LOVES to put WordPress emails in the Spam Folder.  It is essential you do this or you could miss a lot of business!

I recently had a client with 89 contact form entries requesting booking!  That is a lot of missed business. I had another client with 29 emails in one month.  They were all in spam!

Create Rules in Gmail or G Suite



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Marshall is a 15 year veteran IT administrator who changed his life by leaving his corporate IT job, becoming a hair stylists and opening his own Salon and Yoga Studio. In the process Marshall lost 285 pounds and improved his lifestyle so he could pursue his dreams of helping people in any way possible. Marshall started working in the digital advertising space after realizing that many small businesses are underserved by the community. His passion is solving your problem in the best method possible.

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