November 21

Why I’m switching my clients and sites to Squirrly SEO


Ahhh SEO.  Love it or hate it you've got to do it.  For a LONG time I've advocated using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.  I have had a change of heart.  As I have added more and more sites that I manage for Yoga Studios, Gyms, Salons, and Spas I have needed more features than the basic free version of Yoast can provide.  Adding the LOCAL pack is an Expensive Proposition. 

So I started looking for a replacement. Something that really guides my clients through the SEO process and makes it easier for them to get great SEO done.  Enter Squirrly.  It is a rather new plugin but is also gaining ground FAST.  So far I'm very happy.  The best part is that it can impoprt your Yoast settings so you don't lose any of your existing work. 

Below is a video about Squirrly. 


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