Building a Easy Online Course – and Making Money From It

I’ve worked hard to build an easy to use WordPress based platform that my clients can easily manage themselves.   A big part of a good website is engaging content so I prefer my clients to have the ability to add things like blog posts themselves.  One of the features of my platform is the ability to quickly build an online course.  How could you use this feature for your business?

How could you use this feature for your business?

You could create a mini-course about hair styling.  You could explain a yoga sequence pose by pose.   Do you know what you get from that?

Your existing clients feel like they are getting added value for their money.

People who find you through search results or a paid Facebook Ad are given a taste of your expertise but then you get the ability to sell them your services!

The great guys at Thrive have made a great video tutorial.  You can see just how easy it is here.  If you don’t think you can build it of course I’m happy to assist.  All you have to do is provide the content!  Check out the video tutorial here.